NEW: Math for Molders Now Available as Individual Units!

Starting January 5, 2024, we are now offering individual units for our Math for Molders eLearning course. This will allow you to pick and choose which aspects of math you’d like to brush up on before moving forward with more challenging RJG courses. However, if you choose to buy the full course, you get one of the 8 units for free!

Math for Molders provides foundational math skills practice to prepare you for process development, troubleshooting, and machine testing that are involved in more advanced RJG courses. This online eLearning course allows you to complete each module at your own pace, including the replaying of sections you may struggle with. There are eight units in the course with multiple interactive modules in each that include videos, animations, and practice activities. Utilizing real scenarios, you will be more prepared to calculate data, enabling you to match mold requirements with appropriate machines and avoid common defects while preventing mold and machine damage.

Here is a breakdown of each of the 8 Math for Molders eLearning units available:
  • Unit 1, Area (2.5 hours): Calculate area of various shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, and irregular shapes), and calculate total projected area at the parting line
  • Unit 2, Ratios (1.5 hours): Calculate ratios used in screw design (compression ratio and L/D ratio) and intensification ratios for hydraulic machines
  • Unit 3, Volume (1.5 hours): Calculate volumetric shot size and barrel capacity using a volume formula triangle
  • Unit 4, Percent Usage (30 minutes): Calculate percent usage of barrel capacity, cushion, and maximum injection pressure
  • Unit 5, Distance-Speed-Time (30 minutes): Calculate linear stroke, and calculate actual fill and speed using a distance, speed, and time formula triangle
  • Unit 6, Averages (30 minutes): Calculate average cavity pressure, platen deflection, and part weight
  • Unit 7, Percent Change and Variation (1 hour): Calculate percent change of part weights and of actual and expected fill times, and calculate percent variation of multiple parts in a multi-cavity mold
  • Unit 8, Force-Pressure-Area (1 hour): Calculate maximum available clamp force and minimum required clamp force using a force, pressure, and area triangle

Units cost $65 each, or you can purchase the entire course for $445 (a 17% savings!) Available languages are English Imperial, English Metric, and Spanish Imperial.

For more information and to register, click here!