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Training Placement Questionnaire

Take our free online questionnaire to see which training path is best for you.

GAP Assessments

We will come to your facility and complete an in-depth analysis of all aspects of your business. Upon completion of the audit, we will provide a detailed presentation with recommendations for improvement.

Company-Wide Assessment

Based on company goals, assessment scores, job functions, and molding issues, we will implement a customized training plan which addresses your specific challenges.

Molding Strategies

Practical Training

Gain real-world experience that you can immediately put to use through a variety of hands-on and practical exercises.

Improve Processing Techniques

Gain better control over your part quality by employing the latest processing techniques that will provide the most robust and repeatable process, minimize effects of material variation, and optimize machine settings.

Real-World Experience

Learn in a real-world environment with real-world problems to solve, so that you are well-equipped to immediately apply what you learned to make real improvements.

Design Strategies

Build Better Designs

Gain valuable insight into designing parts and molds accurately the first time without the need for costly rework.

Launch Tools Faster

Get to market faster with improved tool designs and smoother, more efficient tool launches that make good parts from the first shot.

Improve Communication

Gaps in communication between designers, tool builders, OEMs, and molders often lead to increased cost, stress, and time.

Part Troubleshooting

Gain Confidence

Make troubleshooting decisions and resolve issues independently without the need for management or engineering input.

Find Solutions Fast

Uncover the root cause of an issue quickly without the need for outside input or resorting to testing by trial and error.

Automatically Sort Suspect Parts

Stop hand sorting and ensure only good parts are shipped to your customers through the power of automatic sorting.

Process & Production Management

Set Up & Maintain Processes

Learn how to properly create and maintain a process on an injection molding machine to ensure consistent part quality.

Understand Processing Data

Gain a deeper understanding of what your processes are telling you in order to make improvements and efficiently troubleshoot when problems arise.

Minimize Downtime

Unlock the skills required to quickly and effectively troubleshoot problem areas to start making good parts again fast with minimal scrap and downtime.

Companies that were transformed with RJG training

Century Mold

Training Unlike Any Other

“We’ve been able to establish and maintain more robust processes and improve the overall consistency of our parts.”

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Reduction in scrap




Savings in machine time

Mack Molding

Producing Quality Parts from the Start

“Since starting to work with RJG, we have significantly improved our capabilities to develop and manage effective processes that produce positive results.”

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Dana Molded

Validating Medical Molded Parts with Confidence

“We have greatly improved the quality of our products and can now document and validate the results with confidence. “

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Tribar Manufacturing

Improving the Tool Launch Process

“Training has provided us with better communication and decision making, a major benefit that has greatly improved the way we operate.”

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Windsor Mold Group

Standardizing Processes Across the Globe

“Their systematic injection molding training has helped with our effort to standardize our processes by providing us with a solid foundation of knowledge.”

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