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Quality Control

Operator errors affecting efficiency
  • Self-inspection through trial and error
  • Hand-written audits versus automation
  • Lack of process optimization
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Speed to Market

Trial and error designs & tool launches

  • Multiple mold tryouts cost substantial time and money
  • Increased scrap and waste from improper design or machine choice
  • Delays allow competitors to gain an advantage
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Skills Gap

Skills gap and lack of training
  • Trial and error processing techniques—inconsistent processes equate to inconsistent parts.
  • High turnover rates with low employee morale
  • Increased waste and machine downtime
  • Process problems mean employees have less time to focus on higher level improvements
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We’re there where and when you need us—whether that is online, in your own facility, or in one of our fully-equipped training facilities. With courses offered in a variety of languages across the globe, we have you covered wherever you are.

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Innovative, cutting-edge technology for efficiency and accuracy

Attain the ability to make better parts for less. Less cost, less scrap, less time, less manual labor. Get your processes standardized from art to part in order to improve efficiency and to make sure that your customers get the same parts at high quality over and over again.

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Industry expert consulting for any injection molding problem

Whether you are facing difficult processing challenges, launching a new tool, or just getting started in the injection molding industry, we’ve got you covered. Our expert consultants will work with you to build a custom solution for your unique challenge.

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“By turning a trial and error process into a step-by-step walkthrough, we’re able to immediately understand what went wrong and why. This controlled environment speeds up production time, reduces scrap, improves overall quality, and ultimately increases our profit margin.”

Rick Godfrey
Molding Manager, ICU Medical
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“The first indication of return on investment was the cycle time improvements, followed by the definition and standardization of the molding process and quality improvement.”

Jose Bando Huerta
Mechanical Process and Molding Engineer, Bosch
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“After as much as we’ve saved with RJG’s equipment, it’s too expensive not to use. We’ll never have a machine without RJG equipment installed again.”

Tim Cleveland
Molding / Tooling Engineer, Magna Mirrors of America
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