Relying on the science of plastic to perfect the injection molding process in the medical industry

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Save lives through improved safety standards of quality-critical parts

Dimensional Variation

Consistent Part Quality

Inconsistent quality can lead to high scrap rates, downtime, and shipping poor quality parts to your customers.

Significantly reduce effects of material variation, know when a process sways, and create the same part again and again.

Lost Time on Part Validation

Simplified, Documented Validation

Re-validating parts with every machine change is time-consuming and expensive, especially without the necessary documentation.

Document and validate your processes to simplify mold transfers and eliminate the need to re-validate.

Lack of Trained Staff

Success Through Understanding

Lack of understanding can lead to human error, wasted time, higher scrap rates, equipment damage, and low employee morale.

Fully trained staff are able to confidently troubleshoot when issues arise, reducing downtime and improving output of high quality parts.

Improve efficiency to offset higher production costs

With higher resin costs and labor shortages across the industry, efficiency is more important than ever. Through our technology, you can easily trace every part shipped, prove good parts, and automatically sort suspect parts to ensure all shipped products are safe for medical use. Training will ensure your staff is running as efficiently and competently as possible while speaking the same language across departments.

How are we different from other injection molding solutions companies?

See why medical molders choose us as their strategic partners

We are vertically integrated from art to part

We are a one-stop-shop with full, bottom-up solutions that provide medical molders with the support they need from design to production and beyond.

Our technology is validatable

Our CoPilot® system is ideal for medical molders to take control of their processes and prove every part that is shipped, so their customers only receive the safest, highest quality medical parts.

We build custom solutions tailored for you

We build long-term partnerships with medical molders through creating custom solutions built around their unique challenges, supporting them on all fronts—from training to technology and everything in between.

We have a global footprint

With locations around the world, we are able to deliver the same experience, the same message in a multitude of countries and languages. That means standard processes at every facility globally.

We offer advanced, proven solutions that guarantee valuable business outcomes


Gain control over your medical injection molding processes, track every shot, access advanced analytics, and automatically sort suspect parts.


Invest in your team to improve operational efficiency, lower costs, reduce waste, minimize equipment damage, and improve employee morale.


Resolve on-going problem areas, launch tools faster, reduce machine downtime, make good parts from the first shot, and eliminate the need to re-validate parts.

Medical molders that have improved quality and output


Doubling Output, Reducing Scrap

“We are now able to make more than twice as many parts in the same amount of time—one process part output increased from 16,000 to 40,000 parts per day.”

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Jabil / Nypro Healthcare

Raising the Bar for High Precision Medical Molding

“Our customers now have an increased confidence in our capabilities, and we have become the least of their concerns in the supply chain.”

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ICU Medical

Perfecting the Molding Process

“This controlled environment speeds up production time, reduces scrap, improves overall quality, and ultimately increases our profit margin.”

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