About RJG

We are a global injection molding solutions company that is passionate about inspiring others to work together to mold a better world.


We are a global, full-service injection molding solutions company focused on improving quality in all aspects of life—from plastic parts to career advancement, reduced scrap in our landfills, improved safety standards, and more. We are passionate about what we do because we love it, and because we know that we are making a tangible difference in the world.

We have been transforming the industry since 1985, but our history reaches back much further than that. Our founder, Rod Groleau, developed the first in-mold cavity pressure sensor and the first computerized production monitoring system in 1962. He changed the industry forever, and we carry on his legacy through continuing to push the boundaries every single day.


Our mission

To transform injection molding companies by delivering knowledge and data from the plastic’s point of view.

What we do

In short, we share knowledge. It is at the core of all we do and what sets us apart. We pinpoint each unique challenge and develop custom plans to improve overall output, quality, and cost.

Why we do it

We do it to create a quality world through empowering our clients, growing careers, and improving everyday products for people everywhere.

Our core values: the promise to ourselves and our clients

Our guiding principles, what keeps us on the right path, and how we connect with the world

We do the right thing, even when it hurts.


We revel in our work. Find humor in the mundane. Embrace our quirky selves.


We empower others to be life-long learners.


We take care of each other, our clients, and our community.


We’re curious. We’re adventurous. We’re creative. We embrace change.


We strive to be the reason our team and clients succeed. Then do more.


We honor commitments, admit mistakes, and take responsibility for making things right.

Our proven process

“What makes RJG different is our passion for people. We focus on improving lives across the globe by offering not only solutions, but quality. Quality products, quality careers, quality parts, and quality of life. We care about our clients on a human level and are honored to have the privilege of being part of their journey as they succeed and grow.”

Rob Nugent

Our timeline: a rich history of innovation and growth

We have come a long way since Rod invented the in-mold cavity pressure sensor in 1962, and it’s all thanks to you and your ongoing support. We can’t wait to see what the next 50 years bring!

  1. 1962

    Rod Groleau began work as a co-op student at the General Motors Institute (GMI), where he remained through graduation in 1967; during this time, Rod completed his thesis on Injection Molded Part Size Control

  2. 1969

    Rod Groleau completed his MBA from Michigan State University and co-founded Control Process, Inc., where he developed the first commercial strain gage cavity pressure sensor and manufactured the industry’s first computerized production monitoring system; Rod remained with Control Process, Inc., through 1981

  3. 1982

    Rod Groleau worked as Director of Technology at DME, where his responsibilities included expert process analysis using voice synthesis as the operating interface

  4. 1985

    Rod Groleau founded RJG Associates, Inc., a consulting and training company, where he developed the concepts of in-mold rheology techniques, load sensitivity testing, and principles of rigorous mold tryouts and DECOUPLED MOLDING® techniques

  5. 1989

    Rod Groleau co-founded RJG Technologies, Inc., an equipment company supplying sensors and data acquisition systems

  6. 1991

    DART (Data Acquisition and Retrieval with Transducers) and DARTNet are introduced—PC-based data acquisition

  7. 1996-99

    Named one of Michigan’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies for four consecutive years (the award was discontinued after 1999)

  8. 1996

    Introduced DARTVision (Windows-based data acquisition)

  9. 1998

    Introduced the RJG Master Molder® Program

  10. 1999

    • RJG Associates and RJG Technologies merge to form RJG, Inc.—one company servicing the plastics industry with sensors, process control, and training solutions
    • Introduced the DARTAlert™ software program

  11. 2000

    • Released the eDART System—the plastics industry’s first digital data acquisition platform with Lynx™ smart sensor technology
    • Demonstrated independent valve gate control systems
    • Began offering piezoelectric and strain gage sensors

  12. 2001

    Developed “fail-safe” automated abnormal part containment

  13. 2002

    Released Valve Gate Control system software and “Transfer Pin” cavity pressure mounting method for measuring pressure under valve gate pins

  14. 2003

    Introduced first digital piezoelectric in-mold cavity pressure sensor

  15. 2004

    Conducted the Tryout Shop Certification Program

  16. 2005

    Launched online training assessment on our website

  17. 2006

    eDART flx™ is released

  18. 2007

    • Opened RJG (S.E.A.) Pte, Ltd. in Singapore
    • Opened RJG France in Oyonnax, France

  19. 2009

    Released 1mm flush mount and 1.5mm spring loaded temperature sensors

  20. 2010

    • Opened RJG Germany GmbH in Karlstein, Germany
    • Launches the Lynx Embedded Sensor plate

  21. 2011

    • Opened RJG Mexico in Chihuahua, Mexico
    • Opened RJG Ireland in Nenagh, Ireland
    • Launches Load Washer sensor line

  22. 2012

    • Opened RJG China in Chengdu, China
    • Version 10 eDART System is released
    • Math for Molders course is released
    • Launched Systematic Molding for LSR course

  23. 2013

    • Released the 3.5mm piezoelectric button in mold sensor
    • Released the first multi-channel system for strain gage sensor

  24. 2015

    • Acquired G&A Moulding Technology in the United Kingdom, which became RJG Technologies
    • Launched the TZERO® program
    • Released the Sensor eValuator
    • Partnered with Burger & Brown Engineering to offer Smartflow sensor
    • Launches the Scientific Cooling course
    • Training program win’s the Pike’s Peak award

  25. 2016

    TZERO® group begins offering Part Design Analysis. Building expansion: Adds a 2nd level to RJG headquarters

  26. 2017

    • Launched the CoPilot®
    • Launched The Hub®
    • Launched the Part Design and Mold Design courses
    • Released the 6mm Strain Gage Sensor

  27. 2020

    Launched several new online training courses

  28. 2021

    Opened training center at Southern Union State Community College in Alabama

  29. Present

    Our business is helping molders supply absolute quality parts to their customers. We do this by providing training, technology, and consulting services to our clients.