Ensure you have the proper equipment to implement process control

Auxiliary hardware is used in conjunction with other RJG technologies in order to gain control over your injection molding process.

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Types of auxiliary hardware


Modules are wired directly to the injection molding machine and other systems (i.e. valve gate controllers, sorting systems, etc.) to supply sequences, inputs, outputs, relays, and interfaces for the CoPilot and eDART systems.

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Junctions enable multiple signals to be consolidated to one connection for the CoPilot and eDART systems.

See Junctions

Sensor Adapters

Sensor adapters facilitate the connection of single and multi-channel strain gage, piezoelectric, and temperature sensors to junctions and the CoPilot and eDART systems.

See Adapters

Machine Interface Sensors

Machine interface sensors are independently calibrated to acquire machine performance data for the CoPilot and eDART systems.

See Machine Interface Sensors

Auxiliary hardware resources

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