We Have Some HUGE News: CoPilot is Now Equipped with AI!

We have been waiting very eagerly to announce our newest product… an AI-powered injection molding process advisor, now part of CoPilot®!

Meet MAX, the Process Advisor™. MAX utilizes AI technology powered by proven Master Molder® techniques to provide you with real-time, expert guidance to optimize your injection molding processes.

Today, molders encounter an increasingly pressing and distinctive challenge: a shortage of skilled processors to troubleshoot their injection molding processes, resulting in excessive scrap, machine downtime, and wasted engineering hours. We developed MAX to assist in bridging that skills gap and reducing waste during production.

This smart assistant monitors process parameters in real-time and offers troubleshooting advice to help molders rapidly resolve issues and improve productivity. Molding Automation Xperience, or MAX for short, marks a significant enhancement to the CoPilot system, demonstrating our commitment to leveraging AI to deliver molders an unparalleled level of control, efficiency, and quality.

MAX works to ensure injection molding processes are up and running at peak performance. MAX also helps address the skills gap while tackling molders’ needs to minimize scrap and downtime, boost efficiency, and enhance part quality.

Featuring an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, MAX offers guidance to molders by delivering step-by-step instructions for restoring a process to optimal performance. This empowers personnel on the floor, regardless of their experience, to handle process issues effectively, enabling them to make an immediate impact.

“Throughout our journey, RJG has been partnering with our clients to help their businesses achieve exceptional results by providing process control consulting, training, and technology. We understand and have consistently solved the persistent challenges they face, from the scarcity of skilled workers to the paralyzing downtime caused by unresolved process issues, as well as increased scrap rates due to process adjustments gone wrong. MAX, our AI-powered solution to these problems, integrates RJG’s proven Master Molder processing knowledge within our technology, so that clients receive actionable value that improves operational efficiency, reduces downtime and scrap, and empowers data-driven decisions that drive tangible business outcomes.”

– Jason Yoffy, Director of Product

MAX marks a significant advancement in an already feature-rich CoPilot process control system. The CoPilot allows users to:

  • Monitor and control injection molding processes to ensure high quality parts
  • Receive real-time, on-screen notifications when a machine is down or producing suspect parts
  • Get step-by-step advice for fixing a process
  • Set alarm limits and templates for process matching
  • View data from each shot
  • Automatically retain suspect parts and understand what happened in the process
  • Access total part and process audit records
  • Build efficiency through process automation

For existing RJG customers looking to transition from eDART® systems to CoPilot systems, we have launched a time-limited buy-back initiative, providing credits for their new systems. Contact us for more information and to see if your equipment qualifies.

MAX is now accessible as an upgrade to the CoPilot. Contact us for additional details on how to install it on your systems.