Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding

Course Description

Designed for both technical and non-technical personnel who are associated with production of thermoplastic injection molded components, this course introduces the foundational elements of systematic molding: part design, mold design, material, machine, and processing with Decoupled Molding methodologies. Participants are guided through a series of cause and effect studies to help them understand how manipulating primary machine input settings affects the four plastic variables and ultimately affects part quality and process repeatability. Empowered with this understanding, participants will begin troubleshooting common part defects.

Course length: 4 days

Course Objectives
  • Consider part design best practices as they relate to greater processing capability and minimizing non-conformities
  • Review the functions of the primary components of different types of molding machines and molds
  • Examine how to achieve appropriate melt consistency and temperature
  • Study the relationship between pressure and speed and how plastic flow rates affect material flow-ability
  • Analyze the effects of hold pressure on part weight and cushion
  • Associate hold time to part weight/dimensional stability
  • Theoretically calculate and practically determine appropriate clamp force
  • Determine appropriate cooling time to achieve part stability at ejection
  • Observe the effects of additives (color changes) on the properties of the molded part
  • Relate the 4 plastic variables to part defects to outline potential corrective actions
Course Recommendations

It is recommended that the participant has successfully completed the following courses, has a minimum score on the online training placement questionnaire, or has equivalent knowledge/experience:

Previous machine operation experience is helpful but not required. This course is highly recommended as a prerequisite to Decoupled Molding Workshop, Master Molder I, or High Performance

Delivery Format Options

This course is available publicly, in-plant, or online.

Daily Schedule Overview

(Subject to change at instructor discretion.)

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
Press Comparison StudyMelt PreparationHold Pressure studyPart measurement from shrinkage studies
Mold Components InvestigationFill StudyHold Time Study
Melt Temperature StudyClamp Force study
Part Weight vs Injection Speed StudyCapability Study
Part Shrinkage Study (with 3 different materials and then 3 different colors)