Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding

Course Description

This four-day course is for technical and non-technical personnel who are associated with production of thermoplastic injection molded components. This course provides hands-on, practical applications that introduce the principles of both injection molding and DECOUPLED MOLDING® processes. Areas covered include molding machine construction, process parameter selection (setting of the molding process), the effect of mold temperature control, material handling, and the use of additives with reference to component quality and consistency.

Length: 4 Days

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“Thank you for the great class, it was very nicely done. Great mixture of classroom/machine time, I really learned a lot!” -Tom Schnidel, Research & Development, Primex Plastics
“I found the course very interesting and practical, it’s amazing to understand the principle of each molding techniques that I can use in my daily work and the application they may have. This will be very useful for my career and professional growth; I hope I can take the Decoupled II workshop and Master Molder I in a near future to continue learning.” -Abigail Mendoza

Course Highlights

  • Hands-on machine time for practical training
  • Overview of machine and elements of process
  • Basic procedures for consistent components
  • Review of material types and characteristics
  • Concepts of component dimensional control

Course Recommendations

Online Math for Molders course OR a minimum score on the online assessment