is a process control system that:


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Notifies you when your process has changed

Avoid unknowingly making bad parts by receiving real-time notifications when a process is not running properly.

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Helps you understand why your process has changed

Dodge the challenging task of managing change logs by documenting why a process changed and who changed it.

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Simplifies process audits

Eliminate time and resources spent on manual checks through real time, 24/7 process audits.

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Keeps bad parts from getting out the door

Any parts that aren't to your template can be automatically contained to eliminate the need to hand-sort.

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Creates a highly visible process

Access data on who changed what when and what happened during a specific shot on a specific day.


Functioning as a notification system and a communication tool, the CoPilot provides a simple and practical program that is so easy to use that technicians of all experience levels can produce quality parts every time.

The CoPilot allows users to record process log entries that detail what actually occurred to make the process deviate from its normal setup.

"We have a ton of setup errors and this product will help eliminate them!"

Quote from beta customer of the CoPilot

Features and Benefits of Using the CoPilot

  • Empower technicians of all experience levels
  • Automatic process audits
  • Process changes log history
  • Immediate notification if a variable moves outside of set tolerances
  • A highly visible process
  • Simplified process audits


"After it's all said and done we spend 40-45 hours a week having someone go machine to machine making sure that it's running to the validated setup. The CoPilot would greatly reduce the need for those manual checks."

Quote from beta customer of the CoPilot

"This software gives us the ability to generate a process log that tracks changes which is really critical to us moving forward as we are continually required to provide more documentation."

Quote from beta customer of the CoPilot

"I see this becoming a GREAT training tool for standardizing process troubleshooting. This also could be utilized as a perfect shift to shift communication tool."

Quote from beta customer of the CoPilot



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CoPilot Process Match Assistant Software


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CoPilot Data Networking

The Hub

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Remote Machine Monitoring System

The Hub® allows injection molders and plant managers to monitor their entire plant floor from a single remote access point. It provides a single, simple interface that allows users to access, support, and view all of the CoPilot™ Systems on their network from a web browser. The Hub clearly shows which machines are producing good, bad, and suspect parts and why.