Range 0 – 20000 pC
Accuracy ±1%
Max. Temp. (Operating) 140° F
Warm-up Time 5 minutes
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Surface Mount Piezo Adapter

This sensor adapter allows standard piezoelectric sensors to be connected to the eDART® System. It accepts inputs from any piezo sensor, scales the input signal from the sensor, and sends a digital cavity pressure signal to the eDART controller. Because the piezo adapter is a self-identifying, digital sensor, the eDART will automatically ask the user for pertinent setup information.

Due to the piezo adapter’s high resolution and low drift ratings, there is no need to switch ranges when changing sensors or applications. This simplifies the process when working with small pin sizes or applications with low pressures. The two-inch housing unit is much smaller than other piezo sensor amplifiers on the market, allowing for easy installation, even if available space is limited.

Features and benefits:

  • High digital resolution
  • Low drift
  • Compact size
  • Works with any piezo sensor
  • Self-identifying “smart” sensor