Math for Molders – Spanish Imperial

Course Highlights

  • Area: calculate area of various shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, and irregular shapes), and calculate total projected area at the parting line
  • Ratios: calculate ratios used in screw design (compression ratio and L/D ratio) and intensification ratios for hydraulic machines
  • Volume: calculate volumetric shot size and barrel capacity using a volume formula triangle
  • Percent usage: calculate percent usage of barrel capacity, cushion, and maximum injection pressure
  • Distance, Speed, and Time: calculate linear stroke, and calculate actual fill and speed using a distance, speed, and time formula triangle
  • Averages: calculate average cavity pressure, platen deflection, and part weight
  • Percent Change and Percent Variation: calculate percent change of part weights and of actual and expected fill times, and calculate percent variation of multiple parts in a multi-cavity mold
  • Force, Pressure, and Area: calculate maximum available clamp force and minimum required clamp force using a force, pressure, and area triangle

Course Prerequisites

None required.

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