Comar Wins Third Annual North America RJG Mold Smart Award

We are pleased to announce the North America winner of the third annual RJG Mold Smart Award™, Comar!

The Mold Smart Award celebrates injection molding companies who have fully committed to improving the quality of their products, lives and the world by implementing a variety of RJG solutions. This year, RJG is presenting one award in two of their global locations: North America and Latin America.

Comar began implementing RJG in 2020, utilizing the technology to provide a standard process model across the global organization and implementing training into their onboarding and job scaling practices. This model has provided consistent product and confidence to their customers as well as retaining and growing a confident, educated and knowledgeable staff. This corporate led initiative has been driven within the Comar facilities by a team that includes members from each location and their committed employees.

Comar has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality, efficiency and innovation in their molding processes. Their partnership with RJG has been instrumental in driving this commitment, enabling them to elevate their operations to new heights. The measurable improvements Comar has achieved in defect reduction, cycle time optimization and overall operational efficiency showcase their dedication to excellence. Through the implementation of RJG’s methodologies, they have experienced substantial advancements that have positively impacted their bottom line and customer satisfaction.

“Working with RJG has brought about significant positive changes within our organization, profoundly impacting our molding processes, efficiency, and overall quality standards,” said Raul Avitia, Process engineer, Comar Rancho Cucamonga facility. “One of the measurable changes we experienced was a remarkable reduction in defect rates. Through RJG’s expert training and implementation of their scientific molding techniques, our defect rates dropped significantly within the first quarter of applying RJG methodologies. Additionally, RJG’s emphasis on continuous training and skill development has led to a notable improvement in our team’s expertise. Our operators and technicians, equipped with advanced knowledge and techniques learned from RJG’s training programs.”

“We are thrilled to extend our sincerest congratulations to Comar for their outstanding achievement in receiving this esteemed award,” said Rob Nugent, CEO of RJG. “Seeing the successes and return on investment by implementing the team’s knowledge from the RJG training and technology is why we do what we do. Comar’s massive success is an inspiration to our team and to me, and their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence have set a remarkable standard in our industry. We are honored to present this well-deserved accolade and celebrate their continued success.”

The other winner of the Mold Smart Award is Flextronics Plastics in Latin America.

Flextronics Plastics has spent over 50 years making great products for their customers that create value and improve people’s lives. Delivering manufacturing services and solutions across 30 countries, Flextronics Plastics partners with leading brands in various industries and end markets around the world—all while stewarding sustainable operational practices that minimize environmental impact. Read more.

About Comar:

Comar is a contract manufacturing partner for healthcare companies worldwide and a leading provider of primary packaging and dispensing products. Through a distinct blend of fresh thinking, engineering edge, and customer focus, Comar brings transformative plastic solutions from concept to reality, where they can positively impact the world around us.   Comar is majority-owned by Morgan Stanley Capital Partners.