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All classes at our Traverse City, MI facility from August 31st, 2020 through December 31st, 2020 are cancelled in order to help protect our onsite staff. Classes will resume at our Traverse City facility beginning in 2021
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Award-Winning Training and Technology for Injection Molding

RJG provides comprehensive tools and award-winning training that allow molders to implement scientific molding techniques and improve molding quality, productivity, and profitability. Our unprecedented support and technology can eliminate even the most frustrating molding challenges.

Transform Your…


Trained staff improve product quality, efficiency, morale, and turnover. Our global in-person and online training courses are led by industry experts with real-world injection molding experience.


More efficient processes with less scrap and less downtime means lower cost and better quality. Our full-service, custom technology solutions are built to solve the challenges you face every day.


Gain a competitive advantage through the industry’s latest monitoring software while reducing waste and improving your bottom line. Automated job audit reports and advanced analytics make it easy to know how your facility is performing.

Design and Tool Launch

Reduce waste from art to part with streamlined tool launches so you can start making good parts from the first shot. Or harness our consultants’ expertise to fix ongoing challenges in already established processes.


Pros and Cons of 6 Injection Molding Materials

Pros and Cons of 6 Injection Molding Materials

One of the first decisions that needs to be made when designing a new injection molded part is which material to use. The material (and additives) you choose has a huge impact on how plastic will flow through the mold, what the process will be, and the look and feel...

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7 Ways to Lower Plastic Injection Molding Costs

7 Ways to Lower Plastic Injection Molding Costs

Injection molding is a cost-effective way to produce parts, but there is often a significant amount of waste involved, from inefficiencies to user errors, machine damage and downtime, high scrap rates, and more. Here are 7 ways to lower your injection molding costs so you can improve your bottom line.

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