Training and Technology for Injection Molding

RJG provides comprehensive tools and training that allow molders to implement Scientific Molding Techniques thus improving their molding quality, productivity and profitability.

The RJG name is synonymous with advanced injection molding techniques and equipment: Scientific Molding and/or DECOUPLED MOLDINGSM, injection molding training, the eDART System™, the Master MolderSM, and Tryout Shop Certification programs, cavity pressure and temperature sensors, short shot elimination and more.

If you are a plastics parts processor, injection molding technician, molder, part designer, quality engineer or quality manager, RJG has the tools to reduce and eliminate your most frustrating challenges.


The industry standard scientific/systematic injection molding training.

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Process control systems and in-cavity sensors (cavity pressure and temperature) ensure the best processes and parts.

eDART Sensors


G&A Moulding Technology and RJG Combining Forces through Acquisition

Tuesday, September 30

G&A Moulding Technology and RJG are pleased to announce that they plan to join forces in an acquisition that is planned to be executed on January 1, 2015. On that date, RJG will acquire G&A Moulding Technology. This acquisition will strengthen RJG’s...

Customer Notification: Product Design Change for eDART Machine Interface Modules

Wednesday, August 6

RJG, Inc. will be introducing a new design to our machine interface modules. This design change will help improve noise related issues that have occurred with our previous model offerings.

You are receiving this letter as our records indicate you have...

First time to have a molding machine in our booth!

Tuesday, July 8

RJG's booth at the F.I.P. show in Lyon, France, was the first booth that RJG has had that contained a modern molding machine. The machine was an Eleos 65, Hybrid injection molding machine and was molding sunglass containers.

3D Printers Donated to Local Schools

Thursday, May 1

RJG and Newton's Road, in cooperation with the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District, will donate up to three MakerBot 3D printers to local schools at all grade levels. Dubbed the 3D Printer Project, the group hopes to generate interest and...

RJG Now has a Distributor in South Korea

Thursday, May 1

RJG has just signed on with a distributor in South Korea. CAEPro is a 6 person CAE consulting company with a background in injection molding process control systems. We are excited for this new market opportunity, and to partner with a strong company that...

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