August, 2023

What’s New in Release 9.5.7

Improvements and Changes
  • Modification to the installation script to support eDART to CoPilot migration.

Apr, 2023

What’s New in Release 9.5.6

Improvements and Changes
  • Fixed an issue with v9.5.5’s Machine Setup – Intensification Ratio Auto Calculation Tool
  • Fixed an Issue where Flow Meters assigned to Fixed Half or Moving Half Locations summary variables, and alarm limit selections are now available to be selected.
  • Fixed an issue where MCSG-B-60-50 Model of Sensor is now available to be selected within the Sensor Locations setup page.

Apr 20, 2022

What’s New in Release 9.5.5

Improvements and Changes
  • Fixed the missing virtual keyboard so that it will now show up when utilizing a touchscreen monitor
  • Modification to the install.script, making additional checks to the system during installation

What’s New in Release 9.5.4

Improvements and Changes
  • Merge settings in system.cfg to avoid breaking < 9.5 data_rollover

Oct 21, 2021

What’s New in Release 9.5.3

Improvements and Changes
  • Added new sensor models that were missing in 9.5.2

August 31, 2021

What’s New in Release 9.5.2

Improvements and Changes
  • Fixed data rollover so it remains running after a job is stopped

August 04, 2021

What’s New in Release 9.5.1

Improvements and Changes
  • Fixed handling of large lynx serial numbers

November 20, 2020

What’s New in Release 9.5.0

Improvements and Changes
  • Improves Shuttle Sofware Security so that a user can assign additional permissions
  • Added a field to record the IP Address for the Data Bridge export destination
  • Improved the Daylight Savings Time options to better support global Daylight Savings Start Times
  • Adds a new feature that automatically re-enables injection after a specified number of screw run signals
  • Adds new output options for Product Output. The two new options are Production and Setup. The new output states can be used to indicators of the current Production State
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused valid Intouch Files to be flagged as corrupted
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Shuttle Software to continuously run in the back ground
  • Fixed an issue that caused the serial number to become corrupted

February 23, 2017

What’s New in Release 9.4.3

Improvements and Changes
  • Support added new 4 Channel Piezo Adapter
  • Support added new 6mm Strain Gage
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug in EDM interface that would cause invalid file sizes to be sent that would cause EDM to think the eDART had corrupt data
  • Fixed bug in summary variables that would cause sequence times that weren’t being computed to be repeated from the previous cycle
  • Limited number of curves that can be added to the Cycle Graph; if too many curves were added, it would crash
  • Fixed bug where strain gage offset was always reported as 0

Apr 04, 2016

What’s New in Release 9.4.2

Improvements and Changes
  • Support added for 16-bit multi channel strain gage
  • Does a scan for file corruption on job start and stop and will automatically fix errors.
Bug Fixes
  • Cycle buffer compression fix

Sept 10, 2015

What’s New in Release 9.4.1

Improvements and Changes
  • Support added for Dual Analog Burger Brown Flow meters
  • Logs an entry in the change log when injection is enabled
  • Logs an entry in the change log when the excessive rejects output is set or cleared.
  • Lynx protocol 3 multi-channel strain gauge support added to Lynx driver
  • When sampling parts the diverter will ignore alarms and other reasons for rejecting and only use the “Reject Parts” checkbox on the part sampling tool. (All good parts when the checkbox is unchecked and all rejects when the checkbox is checked)
  • Allows for cycle times less then 2 seconds
  • Job setup won’t popup the job select window if the identified equipement hasn’t changed.
  • Added a system.cfg[.local] optional setting to (production_counter/never_reset_job_counts) which won’t ever reset the production counts for a process.
  • eDART log files use the serial number of the eDART instead of the node number.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix lynx driver bug where the channel name could be corrupted
  • Fix for cross copy when not explictly creating mold folders; the destination path must be created.
  • Fix cross copy names.cfg serial number merging with sensor serial number year >= 2021
  • If you had Valve Gate control running AND set up Inject Enable AND had no controls active in the V->P transfer then… the yellow Injection Disabled window would pop up every cycle when the valve gate control fired the V->P transfer. The software did not recognize that a control was active from Valve Gate. Now it does and the pop-up / disable no longer fires every cycle.
  • Added saving of present offset on sensors used in 2-shot: Auxilliary B and C.

Jul 07, 2014

What’s New in Release 9.4

Improvements and Changes
  • User initiated cross copy for defaults and security files.
  • Added support for Lynx protocol 3 and multi-channel strain gage devices.
  • Added a timeout when testing the diverter controls.
  • Added peak mold open temperature measurement.
  • Excessive Rejects now uses a default file which is used for new molds.
  • Math processing optional tools allows the integration of digital signals.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed screen saver not terminating when using USB based input devices.
  • Changed the timing for zeroing piezo sensors to avoid pulses in the data while the operate signal is inactive.
  • Fixed the units for Coolant Flow Rate and Air Flow measurements.
  • Adjusted the bar to psi unit conversion.
  • Added the Lynx error log to the optional tools so it will be updated across versions to avoid incompatibilities which lead to crashes.
  • Fixed a missing Hold Sequence signal.
  • Fix for Sensor Locations Security when selecting the type it can change the location regardless of whether the user has security permissions or not.

Oct 23, 2013

What’s New in Release 9.3.2

Bug Fixes
  • Restores the default mold tools that automatically start for every job.

Release 9.3.1

Improvements and Changes
  • Added support for usb mice / keyboards and some touchscreens.
Bug Fixes
  • Diverter Controls: fixed which light is displayed when using 2 way sorting.
  • Diverter Controls: Updated the setup inspect function so it no longer requires you to disable sorting to use it. Removes the setup inspect button and adds a menu option to diverter controls settings menu.