Train the Trainer Qualification

Course Description

Create a community of problem solvers and problem preventers!

RJG’s Train the Trainer program is designed for those who fully intend to instruct others in their organization on the methodologies and techniques learned in their Master Molder training. Those who successfully pass the Train the Trainer program will have the title of Qualified Trainer and are then eligible to teach Injection Molding Essentials, Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding, DECOUPLED MOLDING® Workshop, Part & Mold Design for Injection Molding within their organization. To be successful as trainers, candidates must have a strong DECOUPLED MOLDING® background and enough experience to be comfortable in front of a classroom.

The true value of this program is that Train the Trainer graduates gain the skills, tools, and confidence needed to successfully pass this knowledge on to others in their company. This is a great advantage for anyone directly responsible for implementing a training program. The strategies, DECOUPLED MOLDING® techniques, and implementation processes taught in RJG’s Master Molder® Series are emphasized in this course. Trainers will be coached in presenting a participant-centered approach that focuses on the needs of learners and incorporates creative training techniques.

This intensive, two-week training requires a huge commitment from every participant. They are required to teach others in the group daily in order to refine their training techniques. Each participant is evaluated daily by the instructor and entire class on their teaching skills, use of visual aids, and interaction with the class. They are also required to develop training materials to support their learning objectives, including minimal purchases to aid in getting their content across to the students. Each participant may conduct a hands-on lab session that encourages student participation and reinforces safety standards.

Prerequisites are in place to ensure only the top of the class graduates of the Master Molder® Series move into this phase of the program. The Train the Trainer endorsement is meant to allow the “best of the best” from the Master Molder® program to train others within their own company.

Course length: 2 weeks

Rules and expectations
  • Qualified Trainer contract is valid for three years
  • Must attend the annual Qualified Trainer Forum on year of contract expiration. More frequent attendance is encouraged but not required.
  • High levels of competence and professionalism must be maintained
  • Course materials must be purchased from RJG
  • RJG reserves the right to audit events taught by Qualified Trainers
  • Contract will be issued between the Qualified Trainer, Qualified Trainer’s employer, and RJG, Inc.
  • Only RJG, Inc has the right to issue certificates
Course Prerequisites

Students must have taken both Master Molder® I and Master Molder® II within the past 5 years and scored 90% or higher in each class.

Contract must be reviewed prior to registration to ensure expectations are understood.

Start DateEnd DateNameLanguageLocationOpen SeatsPrice
2024/09/302024/10/11Train the Trainer Qualification4$12,745.00Register
2024/10/282024/11/08Train the Trainer Qualification2$12,745.00Register