Online Intro to Machine Performance

Course Description

This 3-part, live, interactive training course covers how to perform injection molding machine diagnostics and improve overall machine performance. You will walk away with tools to generate a predictive failure schedule, conduct machine performance tests, do preventative maintenance, and perform advanced diagnostics through process monitoring data.

Course Highlights

Session 1 of 3:

  • Troubleshooting processes
  • Injection speed linearity
  • Load sensitivity test

Session 2 of 3:

  • Tie together injection speed linearity and load sensitivity tests
  • Dynamic check ring repeatability test
  • Preventative maintenance

Session 3 of 3:

  • Advanced diagnostics through eDART graphs
  • Identify critical curves
  • Identify curve anomalies that correlate with common machine failures

Course Length: 3 days, 2 hours each day

Course Prerequisites


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