Online eDART® Training

Course Description

Gain a basic understanding of eDART features and functions to create a better process coupled with containment techniques.

The eDART virtual instructor lead training course is intended for anyone who would like to better understand how to use the eDART System to identify molding equipment problems or process inconsistencies. Attendees will increase their DECOUPLED MOLDING® processing skills by learning how to understand and integrate the eDART system while utilizing generated data to improve process capability and stability.

Upon the completion, attendees will be able to:

  • Interface an eDART with an injection molding machine
  • Interface an eDART to a containment device
  • Verify operation of a containment device
  • Configure the eDART for part containment (overall shot or individual cavity)
  • Identify machine and process changes through interpreting eDART data and graphs

Course Highlights

  • Part sampling
  • Containment strategies
  • eDART summary and cycle graph interpretation
  • Identify machine and process changes
  • eDART variables to predict part quality
  • Introduction to alarm setting methodologies
  • Utilizing eDART data for quality correlations
  • Export data from the eDART
  • Identify machine and process changes through interpreting eDART® data and graphs

Course Length: 4 days, 3 hours of Virtual Instructor Led Training and 2 hours of Virtual Lab Demos each day.

Course Prerequisites

Recommended Knowledge, Experience, and/or Coursework 

While many of our courses do not have a required prerequisite, a solid foundational knowledge will ensure you have the best chance of success and put you in a better position to get the most out of our training. The following recommendations would be ideal to have before registering for this course:

  • Experience operating injection molding machines
  • Understanding of process, machine, and plastic variables
  • Minimum course recommendation(s) – Previously taken RJG Injection Molding Essentials
  • Ideal course recommendation(s) – Previously taken RJG Systematic Molding or Fundamentals of Systematic Molding
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