Hot Runner

Course Description

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Course Highlights

Day One

  • Function of hot runners
  • Categories of hot runners – internally and externally heated
  • Requirements for effective performance
    • Containment of melt temperature
    • Consistency of temperature control
    • Selection of effective temperature values for optimum performance
    • Monitoring/control of values
    • Set versus actual values
  • Cavity balance of hot runners
    • Associated problems
    • Gate temperature control
    • Gate size/cavity balance
  • Practical exercises on existing processes and use of EFI hot runner controller

Day Two

  • Single level systems –
    • Pressure balance/Geometric balance type system
  • Multi-drop system
  • Channel size
  • Channel diameter prediction
  • Pressure drop consideration
  • Calculation of gate sizes
  • Importance of effective cooling
  • Cavity plate cooling
  • Temperature control of gate
  • Thermal (fixed) probe technology
  • Valve gating technology
  • Valve gate actuation
  • Problems related to hot runners
    • Hostaform (Acetal)
    • Ticona (PBT)
  • Practical work

Day Three

  • Importance/effect of filter nozzles
  • Principles behind sequential gating
  • Importance of process start up procedure
  • Fault finding principles
    • Mould problems – lamination/gate fibres/blisters/gassing
  • Correct use of valve gates
  • Tip cleaning procedure

Course Prerequisites


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