A question came up right away after the last tip: How do I get the change log for viewing with Excel?

With a laptop and a crossover cable use Data Extractor first. This sets up the proper network connections and then lists the IP address at the top of the list of molds.

Once you know the IP address of the eDART™ you can just open Windows file Explorer type in the web address with the log-in like this:


Replace the with the IP address of your eDART.

Once you hit [Enter] on Explorer it will open the logs as an FTP connection. You can then right click over "changes_…csv", click "Copy" and then go to another part of your computer and paste the file there. Then open the file and view it. It comes in sorted by date by you can sort by type of change, mold name etc.

It may even be possible to open the changes log directly by double clicking on the eDART‘s change…csv file. Excel prints a lot of nasty messages about why it can’t write there and such but it may eventually open the file.

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