(Must be agreed to for registration to be complete)
Registering for a class is a 4-step process:

  • Step 1: Login
  • Step 2: Billing
  • Step 3: Order
  • Step 4: Payment

Payment Information
A debit card, credit card, or Purchase Order stating our terms are required to guarantee your reservation. Accepted debit or credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club International.

Once payment or an approved Purchase Order is received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent and your training seat is secured.

In order for customers to receive a pre-arranged discount, a valid discount code or MAPP member number must be entered at the time of registration. This can be entered during Step 4 of the Registration Process in the Purchase Order box. For MAPP members, this is the member number given by the MAPP organization. RJG® will not retroactively discount a registration. It is the customer’s responsibility to include all relevant and accurate information at the time of registration. Also, please be sure any discounted price is reflected on your Purchase Order. RJG® will bill the Purchase Order for the amount submitted. Please contact MAPP (317-913-2440) if you do not know your number.

In order to cancel or transfer from a guaranteed reservation, please send an email to with your name, contact information, company name, class you would like to cancel out of, and/or class you would like to transfer into. You will then receive a cancellation confirmation or transfer confirmation within seven (7) calendar days that confirms your changes. Cancellations or transfers received between 8 and 21 calendar days prior to the training start date will be charged a 50% fee. Cancellations seven (7) calendar days or less prior to the training start date will not be refunded. Transfers seven (7) calendar days or less prior to the training start date are not allowed and will not be refunded.

No Shows
If an attendee does not show up for a training event, there will be no refund or credit given.

Leaving during training
With exception to extenuating circumstances such as emergencies, illnesses, or loss of life, if an individual leaves a training event after it has started, there will be no refunds or credits given. Although it is rare, RJG® occasionally must cancel or reschedule a training event. In this event, enrolled participants are entitled to a full refund or credit to another RJG® training.

RJG® is not responsible for any incidental expenses (refundable or exchangeable airline tickets are recommended). RJG® will contact each attendee in the event that a seminar is cancelled. Please check with the RJG® Public Seminar Coordinator 3 weeks prior to the class to confirm that it will be held before making any nonrefundable travel arrangements.

Master Molder® Consecutive Training
RJG® strongly recommends a minimum of 3 months between Master Molder® classes. This will allow students time to implement new skills learned in Master Molder® I in order to maximize the likelihood of passing Master Molder® II. If a student signs up for consecutive Master Molder® classes 3 months or less apart, they will be required to sign the Master Molder® Consecutive Training Waiver which waives their right to receive the 100% satisfaction guarantee normally associated with RJG® Training. If cancellation of a Master Molder® class falls within the above cancellation/transfer terms, reimbursement will still be allowed.

If a student signs up for consecutive Master Molder® classes that are held 3 weeks or less apart, all of the above applies, including the student will be obligated to pay for the Master Molder® II class even if they do not pass Master Molder® I.

Special Accommodations
If you are someone with a disability, or a physical, or mental health issue that will interfere with your ability to participate in your chosen RJG® training course, we will make efforts to accommodate you. You may ask for certain accommodations by contacting  and requesting to fill out a Reasonable Accommodation Request Form.

Due to the safety-sensitive nature of our courses, RJG®, Inc. expressly reserves the right to refuse entry into any course, regardless of course location, to any person whom the instructor reasonably suspects is under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, or any legally prescribed medication, that may impair that person’s ability to participate in the course or operate heavy machinery.  Weapons, smoking, vaping, photography and video recording, alcohol and illegal drugs are expressly prohibited from all RJG, Inc. training courses for the safety and protection of the students, staff, and employees.