Range 4,000 lb
Accuracy +/- 0.75%
Standard Cable Lengths 3”-48” (1/8″ increments)
Max Temp. (sensor) Standard 250 °F/121.1 °C
Hi-Temp 425 °F/218.3 °C
Max Temp. (case) 140 °F/60 °C
Sensing Element Strain Gage
Note: Cable lengths are required at the time of order. Cables over 48” have an additional $50.00 charge.
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The Lynx digital 4,000 pound indirect (under the pin) pressure sensor can withstand a force range of 4,000 pounds with maximum temperature options of 250 (standard) and 425 (hi-temp) degrees Fahrenheit. Sensors lengths over 48” are an additional $50.00 each.



Solid Model