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DateTimeRJG’s Booth
(West Hall #3973)
Hospitality Suite
(West Hall #304EF)
May 6
10:00AMCoPilot Demo Presentation by Scott VanHoven
 2:00PMCoPilot Demo Presentation by Scott VanHovenUnveiling the Hidden Price: The Cost of Neglecting Employee Training by Shane Vandekerkhof
May 7
10:00AMCoPilot Demo Presentation by Jason RobinsonOperational Excellence: Key Requirements for Success by Bob Reese
 1:00PM Leveraging Intelligent Devices to Achieve an Adaptive Process presented by Robert Harvey of Oerlikon
 2:00PMCoPilot Demo Presentation by Jason RobinsonLeveraging Technology to Manage the Complex Molding Process by Jeff Sanders
May 8
10:00AMCoPilot Demo Presentation by Scott VanHovenLeveraging Technology to Manage the Complex Molding Process by Jeff Sanders
 2:00PMCoPilot Demo Presentation by Scott VanHovenOperational Excellence: Key Requirements for Success by Bob Reese
May 9
10:00AMCoPilot Demo Presentation by Jason RobinsonUnveiling the Hidden Price: The Cost of Neglecting Employee Training by Shane Vandekerkhof
 2:00PMCoPilot Demo Presentation by Jason RobinsonLeveraging Technology to Manage the Complex Molding Process by Jeff Sanders
May 10
10:00AMCoPilot Demo Presentation by Scott VanHoven

In this presentation, we delve into the often-overlooked consequences that organizations face when they fail to invest in the development and growth of their employees. We explore the financial, operational, and cultural implications of not providing adequate training and continuous learning opportunities. From decreased productivity and increased turnover, we will reveal how neglecting employee training exacts a substantial toll on an organization’s bottom line. Join us to uncover the hidden price and unlock the potential for sustainable success through effective employee training initiatives. Shane will also be presenting this through NPE Tuesday from 11:00am to 11:45am in room W414AB.

As the demand for high-quality plastic components continues to rise, optimizing the injection molding process is paramount for manufacturers seeking a competitive edge. Organizations must understand the fundamental aspects of the molding process and adopt strategies to enhance areas of weakness. Bob will explore the key factors that contribute to operational excellence, providing practical insights and best practices for enhancing efficiency, quality, and overall performance in injection molding operations.

Injection molding companies are contending with labor shortages amidst growing production demands and increasing quality requirements. Jeff will discuss factors that contribute to the Cost of Quality, operational efficiency, and ultimately overall profitability. Discover how implementing real-time monitoring solutions can help you produce high-quality products, reduce the need for costly rework or customer claims, reduce labor requirements, and enhance your competitive position in the market.

May 7
11:00-11:45AMUnveiling the Hidden Price: The Cost of Neglecting Employee Training by Shane VandekerkhofRoom W414AB
May 7
9:30AMProcess Variation Correction Optimized with Artifical Intelligence
(Correcciones de Variaciones de Proceso optimizadas con Inteligencia Artificial) by Daniel Lopez
Each Day11:00AMLIVE Max DemoSodick’s booth #3581
Each Day3:00PMLIVE Max DemoSodick’s booth #3581
Each DayOngoingCoPilot DemoBurger & Brown’s booth #3071
Each DayOngoingValve Gate Software DemoIncoe’s booth #3761


Shane Vandekerkhof

Director of Client Development & Solutions

RJG, Inc.


Shane Vandekerkhof, the Director of Consulting and Training at RJG, has over 20 years of experience in the injection molding industry and has been a qualified trainer since 2006. Shane has held roles in customer support, business development and consulting and training. Before joining the RJG team, Shane attended Michigan State University, Davenport University, and Northwestern Michigan College where he studied Computer Information Systems. Shane’s extensive background, knowledge, and skills make him a valuable asset to the RJG team and to clients around the globe.

Jeff Sanders

Business Development Manager

RJG, Inc.


Jeff has over 11 years of experience in the injection molding industry. Prior to becoming the Business Development Manager at RJG, he worked in injection molding capital equipment sales. Jeff has his Master Molder I and II certificates and is passionate about plastics and solving difficult molding challenges to deliver real results.

Bob Reese

Client Solutions Consultant

RJG, Inc.


Bob Reese has more than 38 years of experience in the injection molding industry and has been with RJG since 2005. Bob is the Engineering Specialist at RJG, helping customers implement RJG technology across their global facilities to set them up for success. Prior to RJG, Bob moved through the ranks from manufacturing to engineering and was the Global Engineering Manager for one of the largest custom molders in the world. Bob’s rich injection molding experience and knowledge is a huge asset to both the RJG team and their customers.

Scott VanHoven

Senior Account Executive

RJG, Inc.


Scott has been proudly employed at RJG for over 25 years. Prior to that, he graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor’s in Plastic Technology, then went on to work for two Tier-1 automotive suppliers, holding positions at various manufacturing levels. Scott has spent the last 25 years helping RJG clients solve difficult injection molding problems on the plant floor to help drive their efficiency and profitability. In Scott’s spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors fishing, hunting, and cheering on his daughter at horse shows.

Jason Robinson

Consulting Training Manager

RJG, Inc.


With over 20 years of experience in the injection molding industry, Jason has a wealth of knowledge and experience on mold setting, new tool launches, material trials, quality control, and implementing cavity pressure control techniques. He has worked as a Mold Setter, Machine Operator, and Senior Process Technician. He has his Master Molder® I and II certificates and is a trainer for each of our courses while also managing our consultant training team.


Stop by the Sodick booth W3581 to see CoPilot and MAX in action!

Sodick, Matrix Tool, and RJG are teaming up at NPE to showcase their state-of-the-art technology aimed to reduce waste, bridge the skills gap, and improve process efficiency in injection molding facilities around the globe.

Sodick will be featuring the V-LINE Two-Stage Plunger System, which perfectly harmonizes with the Hybrid Direct Clamping System and Advanced Multi-Functional Controller to achieve ultra-precise, repeatable molding.

Matrix Tool will be featuring their unique, high-precision micro molds and standard-size complex parts while using engineering grade resins.

RJG will provide in-mold sensors and introduce our latest AI-powered process assistant, MAX, which provides intuitive, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to help you restore your process to optimal performance.

Stop by booth W3581 to see this new technology in action and ask industry experts about your injection molding challenges.

Booth #W3071

Burger & Brown will have a CoPilot simulation running in their booth.

Booth #W3761

Incoe will be running RJG’s Valve Gate Software

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