New Training Course: Graph Interpretation for Injection Molding

We are pleased to announce our new training course: Graph Interpretation for Injection Molding, open for registration now.

This three-day course is for technical and non-technical personnel who are associated with production of thermoplastic injection molded components. This course provides both classroom style and hands-on, practical applications that introduce the principles of DECOUPLED MOLDING® and the curves associated with such processes. Areas covered include the DECOUPLED MOLDING cycle, how graphs work, graph scaling, overlays and templates, cycle graphs, summary graph data, bar graphs, alarms or limits for abnormal cycle detection, and identifying mold, machine, and process issues using curves.

Course Highlights:

  • Hands-on machine time for practical training
  • Overview of molding process
  • Introduction to injection molding graphs
  • Breakdown of injection molding curves
  • Detect what changed in the process using templates and overlays
  • Mold, machine and process issue detection using graphs
  • Setting processing limits for abnormal cycle detection

The first course will be held in Kannapolis, North Carolina on December 13 – 15, 2022. It is recommended that attendees have a basic understanding of the injection molding process. RJG Academy offers premier injection molding training across the globe for professionals across all skills levels.

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