NEW Mold Transfer Application on The Hub

We’re excited to announce that our injection molding networking software, The Hub®, now has a new application available: The Hub for Mold Transfer.

The Hub for Mold Transfer allows you to easily transfer molds by automatically generating machine-specific setup sheets, recommending compatible machines, and providing a database to store and share part, mold, and machine documentation across the organization. Putting the wrong mold in the wrong machine can lead to poor part quality, inefficient processes, or even tool damage. This application significantly reduces the risk of damage and poor quality by ensuring proper mold and machine matching.

Features of The Hub for Mold Transfer Include:

  • Facility asset database for machines, molds, parts and materials

  • Mold match recommendations for fit and capability

  • Universal process sheet database

  • Machine specific setup sheet database

  • Automatically-generated, machine-specific setup sheets

  • Revision history

The Hub connects RJG’s CoPilot® process monitoring systems to a single interface, allowing you to access all plant information from anywhere in the world, make data-driven decisions, increase visibility, decrease liability, and improve operational efficiency. The Hub for Process Analytics allows you to access real-time data from anywhere, review and export reports, view job audit reports, replay historical data, and more. Higher efficiency and lower scrap means a higher bottom line.

The Hub for Mold Transfer is available now.  Learn more.