Introduction to Material Handling

Course Description

Introduction to Material Handling is offered online in an interactive, self-paced platform. Interactive activities and problem-solving utilize various learning styles in order to ensure maximum knowledge retention and provide tools that can immediately be put to use.

Newcomers as well as those who are looking for a refresher will come away from this course with a common foundation from which to advance their knowledge and skills in material handling as it relates to injection molding.

Course Highlights

The objectives of Introduction to Material Handling include:

  • Identify pieces of significant information on a Bill of Materials
  • Recognize the proper ways that material is stored and labeled
  • Define let-down ratios and percentages and explore their use when calculating mixes of plastic materials and additives
  • Recognize the effects of moisture, the basics of drying plastic materials, and the general functions of material dryers
  • Identify frequently used pieces of auxiliary equipment, along with their purposes and functions

Identify some of the best practices regarding the cleaning and maintenance of commonly used material handling equipment

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Course Prerequisites