Advantages of Using Instrumentation in Injection Molding—A Medtech Makers Q&A

“Molding is an instrumental process for the manufacture of critical components for medical devices. An overwhelming amount of healthcare products have plastic within them. Yet, the injection molding process has largely been performed as an artform rather than a scientific one. A number of companies have been working for years to change that.

“There are a variety of technologies that can help put data and science into the molding process. These instruments help to ensure consistency, accuracy, reliability, and safety (for patients). It also helps provide real information for quality verification of finished goods. This information can be used for several purposes that all ultimately save a device maker time and money.

“In the following Q&A, Marty Key, senior consultant and trainer at RJG Inc., has shared his expertise on adding instrumentation to the injection molding process. He speaks to the advantages realized, the challenges he’s encountered, and why this is important for medical device manufacturers.”