The Challenge

To build a good mold, understanding the mold making process is not enough—you must think like a molder. Throughout the years, I looked for a solid tool to realize this thinking without success. I attended several training seminars from other companies but found they looked at small pieces of small chunks, not at the system as a whole. That made it difficult to understand and practice in the workshop, so I continued to search the market for a solution.


The Solution

In 2012, I saw that RJG had a course in Dongguan City, so I registered to attend. I found it was a systematic way to understand the injection molding process and learned basic skills to validate machines, molds, and designs. I was pleased to be able to verify what I learned and apply the theory immediately upon returning to the workshop. The trainers not only provided comprehensive theoretical training, but hands-on, practical experience in the lab. I believed my teammates would benefit from this course also, so I invited RJG to hold an internal training for us. Now RJG training has become a must for our technical staff.


The Result

RJG training helped us to understand the injection molding process from the point of view of a molder. Now, no matter if we’re designing, manufacturing, or validating a mold, we take into account how it will affect the molders. This also allows us to provide better customer support, collaborate across departments, and speak the same language.

After that course, three senior technical staff members and I attended Mast Master I and II in Traverse City. In the last four years, our investment in RJG has been fruitful. We adopted decoupled molding techniques, installed eDartTM systems, and attended the course
Successful Strategies for Tool Launches. In the coming days, we will become the first mold trial shop in China certificated by RJG.

Thanks to RJG, we’re now able to serve our customers better than ever.

Simon Cheung
General Manager, Moldshop
Ultratech Mold


About Ultratech

Founded in 1985, Ultratech Mold specializes in high cavitation and precision molds. They export high productivity plastic injection molds to North America and Europe for use in packaging and critical engineering markets.