Material Handling

Course Description:

Learn the proper skills for material handling.

This course walks students through the proper techniques for material handling and troubleshooting. The course explains the ins and outs of raw material management, what to consider when choosing materials, what to watch out for in product labeling, and what to consider when determining dryer requirements. Emphasis will be on the main material considerations and how drying affects the process. The objective of this course is to reduce errors and inconsistencies in processing due to material handling issues.

Course Highlights:

Understanding Material Labels

  • Reading labels (trade name, common name, chemical makeup)
  • Understanding tech data sheets (drying time, temperature, and dew point)
  • Explaining tensile strength, specific gravity, etc.

Drying Basics

  • Types of dryers (compressed air, hot air, desiccant, pressurized)
  • Basic components and diagrams
  • Central vs. portable vs. press mounted
  • Temp, air flow, time
  • Moisture analyzers
  • Cleaning (common mistakes)
  • Banking temps – the good, bad & ugly

Material Storage

  • Closed containers
  • Contamination (mixing materials)
  • Cumulative dry times

Grinding Considerations

  • Low speed high torque vs. high speed (blades, screen, etc.)

Loading Options

  • Venture vs. vacuum vs. central (pipes, elbows, connections, cleaning, etc.)

Blending Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Types (gravimetric blender, auger, screw, tumbler, or shovel)
  • Regrind & Colorant

Hoses – Grounded vs. non-grounded wire

This course is offered exclusively as an in-plant course and is only available as an add-on day with the Injection Molding Essentials course.