Sensor Testers and Installation Kits


Sensor eValuator

The Sensor eValuator is a valuable tool for verifying that LynxTM cavity pressure sensors are working properly. The unit provides diagnostics on typical sensor problems such as piezoelectric sensor drift due to moisture or contamination, preload, and zero shift.

The Sensor eValuator can also detect sensor installation errors caused by improper pocket dimensions, damaged wires (strain gage only), and damaged sensor heads. A test report with sensor configuration can be emailed or printed from the device.

This device allows you to test up to 30 sensors at one time and can verify that a force was applied to the sensor. It comes with a 7-inch Samsung tablet, an Otter Box®, and a Lynx cable, and it is powered by a 120 VAC power supply.

The Sensor eValuator is intended for use by:

  • Tryout shops—test sensors before shipping tools to customers
  • Process Engineers—verify that sensors are working when the tool arrives or when a told goes back into production
  • Set-up technicians, mold maintenance personnel, and anyone who needs to verify the operation of cavity pressure sensors

To install the eValuator software on your Android tablet visit the Google Play store from the tablet and search for "sensor evaluator".

NOTE: Users will need to uninstall the current application from the tablet and then install the new app.

1/2" Button Kit

Lynx Button Sensor Installation Kit

The Lynx Button Sensor Installation Kit includes the tools and documentation that help ensure correct installation of 1/2” button style sensors. Taking a few seconds to verify correct installation of sensors eliminates the headaches, cost, and downtime associated with discovering sensor damage or installation mistakes on the shop floor. Simply mill the sensor pocket using the Carbide End Mill, then ensure the pocket is the correct fit using the gauge plug. 

Who would benefit from this?

Tool rooms can prevent sending molds with improperly installed sensors into production, and mold setters can do that last quick check prior to hanging the mold.

Features and benefits:

  • All cristical tools included
  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • Simple to use

Kit includes:

  • Carrying case
  • Carbide End Mill
  • 1/2" button gauge plug
  • 1/2" button sensor test block
4 mm Install Kit

Flush Mount Sensor Installation/Check Kit

RJG’s Flush Mount Sensor Installation/Check Kit contains the tools and documentation to install and check dimensions of the pockets for 4 mm Piezoelectric Flush Mount style cavity pressure sensors.Sensor accuracy is dependent on proper installation of the sensor. If a sensor doesn't fir correctly or the bore is not concentric, it can cause preload on the sensor and inaccurate things.

Features and benefits:

  • Sll critical tools included
  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • Simle to use

Kit includes:

  • 4 mm pocket form tool for drilling all three critical dimensions of the sensor pocket
  • Retaining nut thread tap
  • 4 mm go no-no gauge for instantly checking the pocket
  • Concentricity checker and test block to verify dimensions