RJG has received a new consignment from BOY Machines for their Gibsonville, North Carolina training facility. The BOY is a servo driven hydraulic injection molding press with over 40,000 ppsi worth of injection pressure and over 60 tons of clamping force.

The machine also features BOY’s latest generation of machine controller, the Procan ALPHA 4.  This new touch screen provides simple operation—graphic menu guides and ultra-fast screen set-ups enable intuitive operation of the injection molding machines and guarantee fast, precise and faultless production.

“We appreciate the opportunity to showcase BOY’s 60E injection molding machine in our lab,” said Marty Key, Consultant/Trainer at RJG. “This consignment allows us to introduce and train our students on the very latest technology available today.”

The two platen design of the BOY machine allows students to see a machine that differs from the typical three platen design. It also offers a dramatic decrease in the machine’s footprint, which allows RJG to utilize more valuable floor space in their training facility.

The machine will be used in RJG’s Essentials, Systematic Molding, DECOUPLED MOLDING® Workshop, and Master Molder® I and II courses. Students will be able to interact with the machine in a variety of ways in order to put into practice what they learned in the classroom. This hands-on learning increases retention and provides students with tangible knowledge they can bring back to the plant floor.

About BOY Machines:

For more than 40 years, BOY Machines, Inc. has been the specialist for small injection molding machines from micro injection molding up to a clamping force of 110 tons. BOY Machines, Inc. is sole Distributor for BOY injection molding machines in the United States.

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