Smartflow 1/2" NPT 2-40 LPM

This device is a simple flow meter to measure either the total input to the mold or to individual circuits. This can also be done with water temperature. When interfaced with the eDART® System, users can access and use data such as: excessive reject control, summary variables, template values, and summary and cycle values.

What you can do:

  • Determine if the water temperature control unit is delivering the correct temperature needed to make good parts
  • Reject parts if the flow or temperature doesn't meet your set requirements to make a good part
  • Create a template of the flow or water temperature
  • Overlay your GPM or temperature curves on the cycle graph
  • Set alarms around peak values of the flow or temperature of the coolant
  • Set excessive rejects to stop the machine if the flow or temperature of the coolant rejects parts more than your set thresholds

Product Specifications

Accuracy ±1.5% of Full Range
2-40 LPM
.5 to 10.6 GPM
(LPM) = [(38/3)*V] - (13/3)
(GPM) = [3.347*V] - 1.145
Operating Range 0 to 100 °C (32 to 212 °F)
Power Supply Requirements 5VDC ±5% (external)
max. 10 mV ripple, 50 Hz
separed from hazardous live circuitry by double or reinforced insulation power limitation: 150VA; current limitation: 8A
Flow Signal 0.5 - 3.5V
Temperature Signal 0.5 - 3.5V
Load Impedance > 10kΩ
Component Materials
1/2" Body Size Glass-Filled Nylon Flow Body with Brass End Caps

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