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Remote Machine Monitoring System

The Hub® allows injection molders and plant managers to monitor their entire plant floor from a single remote access point. It provides a single, simple interface that allows users to access, support, and view all of the CoPilot™ Systems on their network from a web browser. The Hub clearly shows which machines are producing good, bad, and suspect parts and why.

Product Specifications

See Potential Problem Areas
With detailed job summary reports, managers can quickly deploy resources to resolve ongoing problem areas.

Know What’s Happening on the Floor
Users can immediately know whether a process is running to its established limits and ensure that alarms are set and on. They can also know what happened when they left the plant, including: alarm changes, alarm outputs fired, excessive rejects, machine sequencing issues, and more.

Receive Detailed Process Statistics
In-depth statistical analyses allow users to analyze processes and determine variations. That means they can pinpoint problems using data.

View Historical Cycle Data
The enhanced version allows users to view current and past processes running on any individual CoPilot System with summary data and graphs. They’re able to view cycles over time and look at long-term data trends.