Successful Strategies for Tool Launches

Detect mold design issues before they become an expensive problem!

This course is intended to show how part design and mold build interact with the process. It is intended to show how to get the right mold in the right machine. A great course for part and mold designers and tooling engineers.

By challenging both designs and molds early in systematic ways, weaknesses can be quickly defined and corrected before they become costly problems. Participants will also develop the tools to measure the mold, machine, and process capability interactions to determine the best recipe for successful tool launches.

Course Highlights

  • Basic part geometry related to processing concerns
  • Review part design complexities
  • Sizing of the mold for the right press, more than just tie bar spacing
  • How the mold design and build affects quality and total product costs
  • How molds can be tried out systematically to hit the quality bulls-eye
  • How plastic behaves as it travels through the stages of a process
  • Systematic troubleshooting to separate material, process, design, and mold problems
  • Why hot runner molds are fundamentally different
  • Cooling capabilities


Course length: 3 days

This course is available publicly or also as an in-plant course.

Course Prerequisites

To register, you must complete a Systematic Molding or Master Molder® I course, or score 60% or higher on our online assessment test.

NOTE: This is not a part design class, though we do cover the basic risk factors to consider when designing a part.

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