Master Molder® I

Become a problem solver and a problem preventer!

This is the industry’s standard demand for training! The Master Molder® I qualification is designed for the process technician, engineer, or manager who needs to understand and demonstrate injection molding skills at the machine. Participants will be able to demonstrate the development of a Decoupled II process. Anyone responsible for implementing a processing strategy in their plant, or anyone held accountable for quality issues are prime candidates for this training.

There is a reason you see the request for ~~Master Molder® qualified molders in all the want ads. Students learn to apply methods, strategies, and techniques of injection molding from the plastic’s point of view, all taught in a real-world production floor environment. This hands-on, in-depth training enables students to leave with solid skills that can be applied immediately in their facility.

Companies Want to Hire Master Molders

Course Highlights

  • Materials, molds, machines
  • Hydraulics and instrumentation
  • Polymer behavior
  • Process development using DECOUPLED MOLDING® techniques
  • Process documentation
  • Data interpretation

Course length: 2 weeks

This course is available publicly or also as an in-plant course.

Course Prerequisites

Before registering for the ~~Master Molder® I class, we advise taking the Systematic Molding class or the free, confidential online assessment.


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