RJG, Inc. Officially an Authorized Training Center for Autodesk®

Wednesday, December 5

As of November of 2018, RJG is officially an Authorized Training Center (ATC) for Autodesk®. The ATC status will allow us to share our injection molding training background and experience with the Autodesk community across the world.

As an ATC, we are now able to provide our students with Advanced Autodesk® Moldflow® training. This software is essential for creating simulations of plastic parts during the part design, mold design phases and processing of the parts itself. Simulation allows designers to know how the plastic will act once it enters the mold: where it will cool first, how it will flow, what areas it will or will not reach, final dimensions and more.

“We have been utilizing Autodesk Moldflow software for years, but now we’re proud to be recognized as an authorized training center for Autodesk,” said Doug Espinoza, TZERO® Manager at RJG. “This is an invaluable tool that we are excited to share with our students. It’s going to be a huge asset in our training efforts moving forward.”

In order to achieve authorization, we had to undergo examination by Autodesk to ensure our qualifications and skills were strong enough to provide high-quality training to our students. As an ATC, we are required to follow specific high standards that are continuesly reviewed.

Our TZERO® group also uses Autodesk Moldflow as part of our consulting service. We start at the very beginning stages of a tool launch (part design) to encourage collaboration throughout the process and ensure a good part from the very first shot… without rework. The Autodesk Moldflow software allows us to make those predictions and provide concrete advice for implementation improvements.