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RJG in-plant courses

About in-plant courses

One of our expert consultants will come to your facility and train a group of your team members together. This is a cost effective way to include teams from multiple departments, as it eliminates the need for travel and extended time away from work. 

This is often an ideal method of training because you’re able to use your own machines and customize training to your specific needs. We will also create a training implementation plan to ensure your long-term success.

Benefits of in-plant training:

  • Train many employees simultaneously 
  • Eliminate travel costs
  • Reduce time away from work
  • Use your own machinery and equipment
  • Customized training for your specific needs
  • A full training implementation plan
  • Get everyone speaking the same language

How does in-plant training work?

One of our expert consultants will come to your facility to provide customized, one-on-one training to your company. Your team will walk away speaking the same processing language, which often improves organizational efficiency and communication.

Which courses are available for in-plant training?

Injection Molding Essentials

This course is designed for anyone new to injection molding. It provides a solid foundation for understanding the injection molding process and the critical practice of good production techniques. Participants will fully grasp the elements and variables involved in the injection molding process and learn key terminology that will help them communicate and solve molding problems.

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Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding

This course provides hands-on, practical applications that introduce the principles of both injection molding and DECOUPLED MOLDING® processes. Areas covered include molding machine construction, process parameter selection (setting of the molding process), the effect of mold temperature control, material handling, and the use of additives with reference to component quality and consistency.

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This workshop is designed to provide you with valuable hands-on machine time to reinforce the methodologies learned in Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding. It offers the same exercises as Master Molder I, but with half the practice time and none of the testing.

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Master Molder® I

The industry’s premier standard demand for training. Learn to apply methods, strategies, and techniques of injection molding from the plastic’s point of view, all taught in a real-world production floor environment. This hands-on, in-depth training enables you to leave with solid skills that can be applied immediately in your facility.

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Master Molder® II

Learn to apply cavity pressure control strategies to accomplish DECOUPLED MOLDING III techniques using instrumentation and data acquisition, and gain a deeper understanding of the improvements Decoupled III provides for process repeatability and robustness. This course also covers the proper use of instrumentation and how to achieve process control solutions utilizing Decoupled III processing techniques.

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Mold Design for Injection Molding

Learn the common language and core knowledge required to successfully design robust injection molds that meet cycle time, cost, part quality, and lead time requirements. Class topics address good manufacturing practices (GMP) for part design, including fundamental material characteristics, necessary processing techniques, and molding non-conformities, with a focus on robust mold design.

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Part Design for Injection Molding

Learn the common language and universal knowledge required to successfully design and produce plastic injection molded components. Improving general knowledge of the steps required for part design reduces the risk of less than optimum tooling conditions, therefore minimizing exposure to injection molding non-conformities that do not meet the quality requirements of the customer.

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Systematic Molding for Liquid Silicone Rubber

Develop a systematic approach to molding products with liquid silicone rubber. Success of a molding project occurs when there is an understanding of the whole process from part design through finished part. This course will provide the fundamentals for building a robust and repeatable process.

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Companies that transformed with RJG training

Century Mold

Training Unlike Any Other

“We’ve been able to establish and maintain more robust processes and improve the overall consistency of our parts.”

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Reduction in scrap




Savings in machine time

Mack Molding

Producing Quality Parts from the Start

“Since starting to work with RJG, we have significantly improved our capabilities to develop and manage effective processes that produce positive results.”

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Tribar Manufacturing

Improving the Tool Launch Process

“Training has provided us with better communication and decision making, a major benefit that has greatly improved the way we operate.”

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Windsor Mold Group

Standardizing Processes Across the Globe

“Their systematic injection molding training has helped with our effort to standardize our processes by providing us with a solid foundation of knowledge.”

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