About Us

RJG is a recognized international leader in injection molding training, consulting, and technology. We have been transforming the industry since 1985, but our history reaches back much further than that.

Founder of RJG, Rod Groleau, developed the first in-mold cavity pressure sensor and the first computerized production monitoring system in 1969. He changed the industry forever, and we carry on his legacy through continuing to push the boundaries every single day.

Why We Do What We Do

We empower injection molding professionals, employees, and communities to succeed so that we can create a better world together. We do this to provide a higher quality of life on a global scale through growing careers, increasing safety of critical parts, and reducing plastic in our landfills.

What We Do

In short, we share knowledge. Knowledge in our technology, knowledge that our technology collects, and knowledge through training and consulting services. We pinpoint each unique challenge and develop custom plans to improve overall output, quality, and cost. 

Our Mission

To transform injection molding companies by delivering knowledge and data from the plastic’s point of view. 

Our Core Values: the Promise to Ourselves and our Customers

Our guiding principles, the words that keep us on the right path and how we connect to the world.


We do the right thing, even when it hurts.


We revel in our work. Find humor in the mundane. Embrace our quirky selves.


We empower others to be life-long learners.


We take care of each other, our clients, and our community.


We’re curious. We’re adventurous. We’re creative. We embrace change.


We strive to be the reason our team and clients succeed. Then do more.


We honor commitments, admit mistakes, and take responsibility for making things right.